The Practical Guide to Leasing Office Space

Written by Eric Dueholm.

This guide was created for the sole purpose of making your next office leasing process more effective and less costly. Take a look at our thorough review of  which areas to consider when negotiating a lease, whether that be the renewal of an existing lease, an expansion, a relocation or the first lease for a young company. We cover several issues that arise in a typical lease transaction and provide you with the right questions to ask including a number of pitfalls to look for. 

Chapter 1:  First Steps
Chapter 2:   Select a Representative
Chapter 3:  The Search
Chapter 4:  The Tour
Chapter 5:  Request for Proposal (RFP)
Chapter 6:  Finalist(s) — Getting to the LOI (Letter of Intent)
Chapter 7:  Lease Negotiations
Chapter 8:  Construction/Project Management
Chapter 9:  After the Move — Representation Shouldn’t End at Lease Execution

Eric Dueholm
Founder Eric Dueholm is a licensed real estate broker and is an agent for The Terrace Group. He is a twenty year veteran of the commercial real estate industry and has completed over 10 million square feet of office and industrial transactions throughout the United states and internationally.

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