Tips for Leasing Office Space

This guide was created for the sole purpose of making your next office leasing process more effective and less costly. Take a look at our thorough review of  which areas to consider when negotiating a lease, whether that be the renewal of an existing lease, an expansion, a relocation or the first lease for a young company. We cover several issues that arise in a typical lease transaction and provide you with the right questions to ask including a number of pitfalls to look for. 

Chapter 1:  First Steps
Chapter 2:   Select a Representative
Chapter 3:  The Search
Chapter 4:  The Tour
Chapter 5:  Request for Proposal (RFP)
Chapter 6:  Finalist(s) — Getting to the LOI (Letter of Intent)
Chapter 7:  Lease Negotiations
Chapter 8:  Construction/Project Management
Chapter 9:  After the Move — Representation Shouldn’t End at Lease Execution