Office Searching Tips

How to Find the Best Office Space

As you start your search for a new office space for your business, it is important that you consider the good and the bad of each layout and how to find the best office space for your company or start-up business. Many companies today are opting for the open-plan layouts instead of the closed off and divided spaces of more traditional office buildings.

Looking at the pros and the cons of each type of floor plan helps you make the right decision for your company.

The Good

For Staff

Interaction with fellow employees is greatly improved when walls are not blocking the way. Staff members can easily interact with one another without having to draft out an email or pick up the phone.

This open plan allows for the growth of office camaraderie. Information flows easily and working together as a team comes easily.

There is little need to schedule a formal meeting when you can simply turn around and talk to the person behind you.

An open-plan office space is good if you like having a more casual work environment for your team.

For the Business

Many businesses link their boost of innovation and advancement to the ease of collaboration that comes from the open environment.

Another benefit of the open office is that costs are lower. You save on construction costs, office equipment, and utilities.

Improved air flow of an open plan means lower heating and cooling costs. An open space can also mean sharing resources, such as copiers and printers, fax machines and even staplers.

The Bad

For Staff

The casual environment that is promoted by the open office could mean more distractions. There can be an increase in noise which makes it harder to focus on work and handle business.

Another issue is that there is a definite lack of privacy when you have no door to close to others. Computer screens are easily seen by coworkers and phone conversations are going to be overheard.

The open office plan can also mean more sick employees since everyone is in the same space, breathing the same air. If one person comes down with a bug, coworkers are more likely to catch it too.

For the Business

The negative aspects of the open office that affect employees can have a negative impact on the business as well. For instance, if the whole office catches the same bug, then productivity will be lost because of people calling in sick.

The many distractions that arise from constant staff interaction can also decrease the productivity of your team. It is hard to focus on work when everyone around you is talking about what happened on that show everyone is watching.

The open office can also see an increase in legal or ethical issues in regards to clients. The lack of privacy could mean that sensitive or confidential information is overheard. One way to avoid this is to have a separate, possibly enclosed space, in which to discuss information that is considered private or confidential, both for employees and clients.

Open-plan office spaces have many advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to choose what is going to work best for your clients and your staff.