Commercial Real Estate Questions and Answers

Who and What is Swift Spaces?
Swift Spaces is a free service for companies around the globe to receive assistance in finding the right local representative to help them navigate the leasing, purchase or sale of commercial real estate.  Swift Spaces was founded and is 100% owned by Eric Dueholm, a 20 year veteran of the commercial real estate industry. Eric and his associates have completed well over a thousand transactions around the United States (and some internationally). We can help you find your space and negotiate a lease.

What size company uses Swift Spaces?
We have assisted some of the most recognizable, household-named clients, but we also routinely assist start-up companies as well as solid, local companies who need help with their real estate needs.

Is this really a free service?
If we are assisting you in finding you a new space (or helping you negotiate the renewal on your existing space), our services are of no cost to you. If we assist you in selling your facility we would charge a normal selling fee, but our costs would be no more than those of any local broker.

How does Swift Spaces make money?
That’s a very good and important question.First of all, we should make it clear how we DON’T make money. Unlike other groups out there, we do not charge a membership or annual cost to brokers to get preferential treatment on referrals.  We comb the market to find the best available professional to help with the local negotiations and they pay us a reasonable referral fee, which they are used to paying on transactions.We are only paid if the transaction is completed.

I’m a commercial real estate professional. How do I apply to partner with Swift Spaces?
Visit our AGENT PAGE to learn more about Swift Spaces and to apply to work with our team.